The Ultimate Business Retreat is a high level event Held in North Carolina at Damien Elston’s home. The small intimate gathering is to discuss topics of sales and business growth. It’s a mix of business and play; working together as a group, then enjoying the cabin atmosphere with activities like an outdoor BBQ, a live band, and maybe some s’mores out in the back yard around the campfire. This is a great time to really get to know some our best students, get to know Damien, and learn some great information to better your business.

At the Ultimate Business Retreat students are taken out of the learning atmosphere with a BBQ, game nights, live music in the backyard, or time out on the lake to build friendships and to bring you into our Family. Aside from the knowledge you gain here, it’s an opportunity to make friends and connections that will last years and help to build your business. Just because you couldn’t make it this time doesn’t mean you can’t be here for the next one! This is truly a one of a kind event and all it’s missing is you!

Damien Elston is hands down one of the top sales strategists when it comes to selling product and services. The fuel that keeps any organization going is sales, and he knows how to drive this within an organization. Not only is he a super sales trainer, but he is a CEO driven by growth and the bottom line. Every company needs a Damien or someone just like him, it doesn’t have to be you, but you need to know what to look for in a top level CEO!

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