My 6 Top Tips on Logo Design, Branding and Colour Schemes

Tip #1 – Do your research. Find half a dozen logos and brand you like by going to google, search for ‘logos’ click on the images link. Grab a pencil and sketch out some ideas. Finally go to and choose some colours you like.

Tip #2 – Things that don’t constitute a good logo include use of clipart, copying other logos, looking too much like your competitors and using too much detail in your logo.

Tip #3 – Do engage a professional graphic designer, they understand good design.

Tip #4 – Avoid clichés and metaphors.

Tip #5 – KISS – Keep it Simple (Stupid).

Tip #6 – Ensure your brand is used consistently by creating and referring to a set of brand guidelines whenever you create a piece of marketing collateral.

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