Curtis Melone has a successful background as an entrepreneur in multiple industries. He has been involved in start-up ventures in manufacturing, finance, restaurant and Internet technology based companies. With little or no start-up capital, he has grown companies to an excess of 50 million per year in sales. Today he now is recognized as a top-level consultant for turn-around and start-up technology based companies and has multiple thriving business of his own.

Today Curt serves as Founder and CEO of 2340 Media Group, a business strategies firm. Both companies work hand in hand bringing innovative and exciting business to market. Curt Melone has also invested/owned various companies such as restaurants and entertainment ventures with much success. His passion for business and understanding of capital is makes him an asset in any industry.

Curt graduated from San Diego State University in 1997 with a BA in Communications. He has won multiple awards in banking, Internet marketing and technology.

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